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VFSC Junior and Senior Club

junior club

When a skater has completed the Learn to Skate USA Program, has a desire to pursue competitive skating, or just wants to pursue a higher level of skating it is time to move on to private lessons in Junior Club. It is recommended that skaters enter the our Junior Club program once they have passed at least Basic Three in the Learn to Skate USA Program.  Jr Club provides an opportunity for advanced private instruction from the coach of your choice.  Skaters and parents should meet the VFSC coaches who are available for private lessons and observe coaching styles before choosing a coach. 

You must select either Gold or Silver track status by October 1st each season.  Gold track skaters receive a quintet or quartet in the annual ice show PLUS participation in either the opening or second half opening number.

For more information on transitioning to Junior Club please contact our Junior & Senior Club Head Pro, Melissa Hannah at 218-831-7107 or

Senior Club

Senior Club skaters are those who have passed the USFS Pre-Preliminary Moves In the Field and Freestyle tests. They have taken their level of commitment to figure skating and to VFSC to the next level.

Skaters in Sr. Club must have a love of skating, adequate strength, balance, coordination, and a desire to achieve. These skaters concentrate on the disciplines of ice etiquette, moves in the field and freestyle, from the Pre-Preliminary through the Gold Test levels.

Each Sr. Club skater must hire a club professional for private lessons. Sr. Club skaters must skate a minimum of 2 sessions per week as stated in the VFSC criteria.