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VFSC 49th Annual Ice Show

Guest Skater Announcement

VFSC is releasing clues until the BIG REVEAL of this years Guest Skater! 


Clue #1 -----> This skater is an Olympian and represented Team USA.

Clue #2 ——->This skater is a U.S. National Champion. 

Clue #3-----> This skater participated with Stars on Ice in 2022.

Clue#4 ----> This skater is currently in school. 
Clue #5——> This skater has a letter “C” in their full name.

Guest Skater Announcement - 2024 Show

Huge thanks to our Guest Skater Sponsors: 

Sponsored by Hubbard Radio

Hubbard Radio

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Hubbard Radio is proudly sponsoring 2024's guest skaters stay while in town for the show! 

VFSC Annual Ice Show

Show Dates for 2024: 

March 1st - 6:30pm 

March 2nd - 1:00pm 

March 2nd - 6:00pm 


Mark your calendars! 

VFSC Show Committee