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Coaches Corner

Do you know what is involved in becoming a skating professional?

 It is a lot more than just being a great skater and liking kids! U.S. Figure Skating has taken the lead in ensuring that its skaters have a safe and healthy environment in which to pursue the sport of figure skating. To this end, there are specific requirements that a coach must meet annually.

There are four requirements for nonqualifying competitions and test sessions and five requirements for qualifying competitions. One extremely important piece of this is submitting and passing a criminal background check. People who study crimes against children know that the vast majority of abuse comes from people in a position of trust. While a clean record isn’t a guarantee of safety, it is certainly an appropriate minimum step for organizations that work so closely with children.

The other requirements are current full U.S. Figure Skating membership, proof of liability insurance with required coverage, continuing education requirements (CERs), current SafeSport Certification and current full PSA (Professional Skaters Association) membership (required for coaches coaching skaters in qualifying events at qualifying competitions).

Each requirement is available for renewal beginning June 1, with the exception of CERs, which are available beginning January 1. Non-compliant coaches will not be permitted to coach skaters at any test session or sanctioned competition and face disciplinary action if they attempt to do so.

As a parent who is investing your family’s time and money in figure skating, it is well within your right to make sure your coach is compliant before attending a competition or test session. Coaches are able to print a coach compliance card as proof of meeting the requirements, and you can ask to see that. Or, you can check the list that U.S. Figure Skating maintains on their website to make sure that your coach is compliant: This list is updated daily, Monday through Friday. 



Vacationland Figure Skating Club Coaches


Savannah Winkler  - VFSC DIRECTOR 

Savannah has been coaching since 2015 at VFSC.  Savannah is a PSA member, Head Pro of Jr/Sr club, a learn to skate instructor and the Off-ice, Edge, & Power coach. She is an alumni of Vacationland Figure Skating Club where she not only skated for 15 years but also assistant coached for 4 years. 

She has successfully helped many skaters through the rankings of USFSA Tests and is a Gold Medalist MIF coach as well as a Minnesota State Championship freestyle coach.  

Outside of coaching, Savannah stays busy with work,  enjoying family time, and traveling. 

Savannah enjoys coaching young skaters the techniques and discipline figure skating offers. If your young skater is looking for a Junior or Senior club coach please contact her at or at 218-330-0554 to set you up! 


**Currently not taking on new students**


Megan Bistodeau - Learn to Skate Director and  Jr/Sr  Club Coach


Megan Bistodeau is a native to the Brainerd lakes area.  She was a skater for 12 years with Vacationland Figure Skating Club and has been coaching for 10 years.  She lives in the Brainerd Lakes area with her husband and 2 children.  She loves coaching and sharing her passion for skating with her students.  Megan has passed through her Juvenile free skate test, Novice MIF, Second Figures, and pre-bronze dance tests.  Outside of skating she enjoys being outside and spending time with her family. 


Lynn Wick - Learn to Skate, Aspire & Adult Class Instructor. U.S. Figure Skating Compliant Coach,  Gold Medalist Moves in the Field Coach, Gold Medalist Ice Dance Coach, Freestyle, Choreography, Off-Ice, Power, Hockey and a Jr./Sr. Club Coach. 

Lynn is originally from Grand Forks, North Dakota. She was a competitive figure skater for 12 years and a United States Figure Skating Gold Medalist. She has an extensive background in performing and dance. 

Lynn has been a coach at VFSC since 2004. She also coaches her daughter, Cassidy, who is a member of our VFSC Sr. Club and also a United States Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field. 

Skating has always been an important part of her life. Lynn loves coaching and sharing her passion of figure skating with skaters of all ages. 


Brittany Rebennack - Learn to Skate Instructor

Contact: E-mail

Katy Olson - Learn to Skate Instructor / Private Coach in Training 


Coaching Assistants

Left to Right:

Back: Autumn Johnson, Cassidy Wick, Trond Sjoberg, Amelia Bistodeau

Front: Emma Hagberg, Kennerly Schultz, Breckyn Gangl,